Coco Swap Whitepaper

🚜Web 3.0 Coco Swap platform

In the near future, the Web 3.0 Coco Swap platform and it's mobile platforms will offer farming features. Liquidity is important for Coco Swap and in return, users will get rewards according to the market buy/sell transactions. The more transactions on the network, the higher the Coco Swap token demand will be.
Moreso, the platform will feature a farming protocol ; Cocoswap Farms will offer multiple farming opportunities to our users. You can stake your LP tokens and earn COCO tokens in return. We will incentivize many liquidity pairs by offering our Liquidity Providers the chance to stake their LP tokens in our farms.
When a person adds liquidity to the pool, he/she will receive LP tokens. For example, if a person added liquidity to a $BNB / $BUSD pair, he/she received BNB-BUSD LP tokens. In addition to transaction fee rewards, the user can to go to “Farms”, stake these LP tokens and earn COCO tokens in return.
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